Libre Office, how to change default styles permanently

After I got bored with the default font families and font sizes of the Default, Text Body and Heading styles, I tried changing them permanently. But just pressing F11, modifying certain styles and Applying isn’t enough for Libre Office to remember your specific choices.

No, what you actually have to do is apply your personal changes to the default styles in any Writer document, then delete all contents and go to File - Templates - Save Template. This file will be saved as a template for future use as a default template, but you need to make it default first.

Go to File - Templates - Organize. Double Click My Templates and select the template you saved just seconds ago. Click the Command button and click Set Default Template.

Now close Writer and reopen it. If you look at the styles by pressing F11 and modifying them, you’ll see they are exactly as you changed them in your previous document, and they will stay that way for eternity!

The actual source of this solution is found here, but I just saved you the trouble of looking even further.

Libre Office, how to change default styles permanently

11 thoughts on “Libre Office, how to change default styles permanently

  1. Brian says:

    Thank, thank you! I spent a lot of time trying to reset the default font. Your solution is as easy. to follow as it was difficult to find. Now I must find how to change a header, and a page number format in a section of a document, without effecting the other pages …

    1. Keelan Murphy says:

      Brian, if you haven’t yet figured it out, you need to do page breaks. Then you can hit F11 and modify the selected styles and they will not change the others. You will see under page styles that there is a style titled first page. So you would just put whatever you want on the first page (like title etc.) and then insert manual break. It will automatically push you to the second page and you will see a thin blue line at the top indicating it. Then you can put page numbers on subsequent pages without them showing up on the title page. You can use this to do page breaks in the middle of documents as well. Once I figured out the page styles, and manual page break I just screwed around with it till I figured it out. It’s more complicated than it should be. Hope this helps.

  2. Brian says:

    Thanks, Keelan. It was deep, but does work.
    I’m so old that I still like to put two spaces after the end of a sentence in a paragraph. My LO tries to force me to put only one. So far I just copy a space and do Ctrl V to put in the second space at the end of each sentence. Ctrl Shift Space works too if you don’t mind the grey blocks. I have explored Tools Options and Format, but my second push on the space-bar after a period stays disabled. What have I missed? I still like the program. Just call me a pedant.

      1. Brian says:

        Many thanks, Johann. That was easy. I un-checked the “While typing” option on the >Format >Autocorrect sub-menu. Now I can put double spaces between my sentences with two taps of the space-bar.

        Note that changing the “Ignore double spaces” option in the .>Format >Autocorrect >AutoCorrect Options menu, does not change the double space after a period case. I had already tried this.

  3. Pete McPhedran says:

    Exellent tip, thank you, been driving me mad for a few years. I guess not enough to find the solution though.

    Keelan, Thank you for your tip too, another thing that bothers me, but I had found a work around for by using “Pages”. Just can’t fiigure out how to expand a complex document without having to reflow the entire Format/Page/Organizer and using different styles for different pages. Uggh.

    Anyway, THANKS!

  4. Thanks a TON, dude. Useful feature that’s been made just a bit too obscure in LibreOffice… Some “set current document’s style as default style” would be a nice addition to LO, methinks.

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